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Renewable Energy. Design, Installation and Use for Home Owners. By Robert Sharman.

The renewable energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Solar panels, once the domain of the space industry are now commonplace and can be seen on suburban rooftops, factories, shops and more. Wind farms are a growth industry and small scale wind generators are commonly available. Solar, wind, micro hydro, biofuels and even steam biomass are all in teh public eye, but how good is this technology, can you afford it and what can it do for you? Is it possible to be self-sufficient with your power needs?

Regardless of whether you live in the city, live rurally away from power or are building a motor home to travel in, renewable energy can impact favourably on your lifestyle.
This book is a manual that explains renewable technology in an easy to read and understand format and covers everything from basic electrical concepts through to system design.
Softcover, 201 pages, 280 x 200mm

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Renewable energy, 11th Jul 2017

Reviewer: Marcia Harvey

Great book. Takes the nonsense out of this industry and explains the facts about what you need for your own solar set up. An honest and extremely helpful book

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