Reclaim That. Upcycling your home with style.


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Reclaim That - Upcycling your home with style. By Sarah Heeringa. Reclaim unloved or dated objects and improve your home and garden with these inspiring ideas about upcycling. Author Sarah Heeringa taps into our desire to be creative and furnish our homes with items that have meaning. 'Reclaim That' provides guidance and step-by-step projects to put this into practice.

Upcycling is the craft of reclaiming, remaking and rediscovering used items and giving them a new lease of life. Discover how to surround yourself with beautiful things that you have made your mark on, from something as small as a recycled kitchen jar to furniture makeovers and storage solutions. Every area of the house is touched upon with wonderfully creative ideas and stories of Sarah’s own experiences.
Learn how to see everyday objects in a new light and discover a sense of freedom to experiment with your creativity and home improvement and soon you’ll have surrounded yourself with smart, cost-effective items that you really appreciate, that enrich your life and that tell a story