Raw Truth by J A Safron


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The Raw Truth, 2nd Edition: Recipes and Resources for the Living Foods Lifestyle by Jeremy A. Safron.
Now in its second edition, this book is testimony to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the need to eat more whole foods. This book provides charts and tables for soaking and sprouting seeds and beans, preserving your harvest or bulk and seasonal fruits and veges by dehydrating fermenting or culturing, and many raw food recipes and techniques. A raw tools section helps you get started!
Heat destroys many enzymes and vitamins, and when much of our diet is de-natured processed food, it is not surprising so many of us feel lacklustre and run down. Flavoursome raw foods provide your body with the nutrients it needs to give us energy and good health. Eating raw foods brings enhanced vitality, increased detoxification and improved well being. Safron's Raw Experience restaurants, which were renowned for their creative menus and valued as education centers for the global raw movement, have provided many of the recipes from a list of customer favourites.

The Raw Truth has nearly 200 recipes and lots of information on transitioning to a raw foods diet. The Raw Truth is a comprehensive guide to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.