proAqua Varnish - 2.5 Litres Clear


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This Clear finish is for Interior use only.
ProAqua Transparent Wood Finish or Varnish (Made by VOLVOX ) is a protective, durable and best of all environmentally friendly finish for timber. It is safe and healthier to use - without sacrificing quality. Totally free from solvents, oils and acrylics that cause harm to our health and the environment. Water-based yet able to perform in tough Australian environments.

ProAqua Transparent Wood Finish is versatile enough to be used on most wooden surfaces. It offers good protection to exterior & interior wood (Note: the clear is for interior use only) - doors, window frames, furniture, shelving, skirting boards, garden furniture, fascia boards, cladding and other smooth planed timber.

Unlike old fashion linseed oil based finishes, the unique VOLVOX ProAqua formula does not 'yellow' with time nor produce the pungent harmful smell associated with traditional solvent based oil paints. With a drying time of 15 minutes, it is ideally suited to today's busy lifestyle.

As well as defending against the weather and being water-repellent, VOLVOX proAqua Transparent Wood Finish also has UV resistant pigments to protect the wood over time against discolouration and yellowing.(Note: the 'Clear' does not contain pigment and is for interior use only) The Transparent Wood Finishes are very economical to use, with a litre covering 11-14 square metres.

Due to the VOLVOX ProAqua unique binding system, it does not contain the alkyds and oils common in most water based coatings. It is these alkyds and oils that cause paints to yellow with time and give other brands the toxic element, absent in VOLVOX ProAqua.

For many water based paints, acrylic softeners are an essential ingredient, with the acrylic giving the paints its 'toughness' and the softener preventing the coatings going brittle. Unfortunately, this element is extremely harmful to the environment and your health.

The unique binding system VOLVOX ProAqua does not use acrylic softeners, so it is a healthier and environmentally friendly choice, without compromising its durability and strength.

However, don't just take our word for it, VOLVOX ProAqua has been independently tested by RWTUV. They found that during and after application and drying, the products did not emit any substances or gases that could be detrimental to the environment or our health. RWTUV is one of the largest inspection bodies in Europe specialising in the assurance of product safety, reliability and compliance to standards and customer expectations.

- interior and exterior use
- water based
- VOC free and non-toxic
- UV stable (for a clear exterior finish chose UV clear)
- non-yellowing
- fast drying (15 minutes)
- quick and very easy to use

Available in a range of colours.
All colours are intermixable, you can blend them to create your own colour if you wish.

Colours are mixed on site as needed, so if your colour is 'out of stock' dont worry, it will be mixed in a matter of minutes.

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