proAqua Floor Sealer - 1L


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A new high tech water based floor finishing product that meets the strict EU VOC regulations even beyond the year 2010. The hard wearing clear finish is suitable for hardwood floors and softwood floors. It is also suitable to seal beautiful Australian hardwood flooring boards and parquetry. VOLVOX Floor Sealer is self priming and will enhance the appearance of wood colour and grain. The durable silky matt finish is resistant to light and staining.

Due to the VOLVOX ProAqua unique binding system, it does not contain the alkyds and oils common in most water based coatings. It is these alkyds and oils that cause paints to yellow with time and give other brands the toxic element, absent in VOLVOX ProAqua.

For many water based paints, acrylic softeners are an essential ingredient, with the acrylic giving the paints its 'toughness' and the softener preventing the coatings going brittle. Unfortunately, this element is extremely harmful to the environment and your health.

The unique binding system VOLVOX ProAqua does not use acrylic softeners, so it is a healthier and environmentally friendly choice, without compromising its durability and strength.

It is rated EC71/3 suitable for coating childrens toys, and EU-DIN 5316D saliva and perspiration proof, as well as EU-DIN 68861/1B for exposure to chemicals.

Covers 13 - 15 sqM per litre.

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