Pounding Tool


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Ideal for pressing vegetables into a Fermenting Crock or Jar, to effectively squeeze the air pockets out of the jar and release fluid from the vegetables.

The turned handle gives a a comfortable hold, so you can reach into all parts of the fermenting vessel and really pack the vegetables tightly, pounding them to get the liquid out as you go.

This Pounding Tool is turned in FSC Beech Wood from Europe, and is totally safe to use in food prep.

This Packing tool fits beautifully into either regular-mouth and wide-mouth mason jars as well as ceramic Fermenting Crocks.

Length: 30cms
Width: 5cm at the base.
Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. NOT recommended for dishwasher.

This pounder is not coated, but can be oiled with a food safe oil if desired.

This tool is very versatile and can also be used as a muddler in a jug/cocktail caraffe, or to mash potatoes and pumpkins etc.