Plants for Aust Dry Gardens - M Nankervis


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Plants for Aust Dry Gardens by Marcelle Nankervis. Though undoubtedly a wise way to garden in these water-conscious times, drought-proof gardening sounds a little, well, dry, conjuring visions of hardy but uninspiring succulents and cacti. It doesn’t have to be this way!
In Plants for Australian Dry Gardens, horticulturist Marcelle Nankervis presents a plant directory of surprising depth and variety. Over 600 species, both indigenous and exotic, are featured, and information on each plant’s cultivation requirements, growth habits and preferred aspect provides all the detail you need to choose the water-efficient plants best suited to your climate and garden style.
In addition to the directory, Plants for Australian Dry Gardens provides valuable information on soil preparation, water delivery methods and step-by-step cultivation techniques. There are also
helpful hints and a guide to garden styles, listing species suitable for formal, cottage, Indo-Asian, contemporary and Mediterranean style gardens.
Published April 2009.