Pantry Moth Trap by Envirosafe 2 Pack


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A really effective Pantry Moth Trap made by Envirosafe. Ready to use, long lasting and pesticide free!

Traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths and seed moths.

The packet contains 2 Traps and 2 Lures. The lures are BioLure pheromone lures.

To set the trap, simply remove the cover from the sticky surface, remove the lure from its packet, place the lure, circle up, on the place marked for it. Then assemble the moth cubby by pushing the tab through the slot to form a tent shape. The moths are attracted to the lure (pheromone is the sex hormone) and when they land they are stuck, trapped!

This Pantry Moth Trap helps to protect your foods from costly moth damage.