MiEco Eco Toothbrush Childs


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This Bamboo Toothbrush is biodegradable, just throw your toothbrush in the compost bin when you're done with it!

MOSO bamboo is used for the handle, Moso is one of the fastest growing bamboo varieties in the world, and it is not a variety of bamboo eaten by PANDAS, so these toothbrushes are not endangering the Pandas.

This unique toothbrush has bristles which contain charcoal reactive ions. This means that they readily adsorb the dental plaque on the surface of your teeth to make your teeth clean and white. The bristles also have Ultrafine staggered ends which can reach deep into the various gaps between your teeth for a really deep clean.

The bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles are more moisture proof and antibacterial than normal bristles which means the bristles are dry when the toothbrush is stored between uses, and that dryness deters bacteria from breeding on your toothbrush!

Note that by selecting a soft toothbrush you get added protection from injuring your gums while brushing.