White Magic

Microfibre Kitchen ecoCloth


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White Magic 30x30cm Eco Kitchen Cloth.
A kitchen cloth made from Bamboo Charcoal Yarn that inhibits the growth of Bacteria in the cloth, hence eliminating odour build up in the cloth and preventing contamination of food peparation areas.
Made from a blend of polyester and polyamide.
Convenient Size - 30x30cm. This is a convenient size allowing the user to wipe and clean large surfaces, before rinsing out.

Reinforced edges that mean they will not distort in the wash and will last for at least 300 washes and are designed to last for 500 washes. This means White Magic cloths should last for up to 5 years.
White Magic Kitchen Cloth is designed for use around the Kitchen or other places where food is prepared or consumed. The groves in the cloth are designed for scrubbing tough grime and grease.
White Magic Kitchen Cloth is made from Bamboo Charcoal Yarn, which is a first in Australia. Bamboo Charcoal Yarn is a natural and sustainable material that inhibits the growth of bacteria, which in turn leads to no odour building up in the cloth.