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Mad Millie Cheesemaker Equipment Set


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Make it Yourself and you know what's in it. Control the content, maximise the goodness, and get the flavour of truly fresh food. How hard can it be, and how good can it be?!

Make it at home and you know where it's been, zero (or very low) food miles, less chemicals in the environment, less chemicals in you.
And you make it plastic free, no superfluous packaging, in fact it'll be lucky to get to the packaging stage, because, YUM!

Make it easy and you will repeat the process.

This Mad Millie cheesemaker is an easy to use piece of equipment suitable for making both cheese and yoghurt. It keeps everything at an even temperature in a totally controlled environment. It is basically an incubator, it keeps the milk at a steady temperature for several hours while the culture works on acidifying the milk and turning it into curds and whey. Or yoghurt.

All components are 100% BPA free, microwave oven and dishwasher safe.

Recommended to be used with:
- Fresh Cheese Kit
- Specialty Cheese Kit
- Greek Yoghurt Kit
- Artisan Cheese Kit

Cheesemaker incubator
4L cheese vat
1L soft cheese vat
Instruction booklet.

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