Kocide Blue Xtra Garden Fungicide


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Kocide Blue Xtra Garden Fungicide. Makes 20L of spray. Superior alternative to Bordeaux and other copper sprays. A fine flowable fungicide for the control of fungal and bacteral diseases of fruit trees, vegetables and ornamentals. Suitable for treatment of Black Spot and Leaf Curl.

-Protects plants from fungal and bacterial diseases including blackspot, leafcurl, downy mildew and blights by placing a protective barrier between the plant and the invading organism.
- Improved formulation.
- More effective than other copper fungicides due to better coverage of plants.
- Excellent mixing, dispersion and compatibility with little or no dust.
- Does not clog or corrode spraying equipment.
- Environmentally safer as less chemical is used.
- Available in a 30g pack.
30g makes up 20 litres of spray.