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Kitchen Garden Companion Cooking


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Kitchen Garden Companion - Cooking by Stephanie Alexander.
Growing your own food means cooking fresh from the garden when your veg are in season. Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion is the book for you if you're facing a glut of tomatoes or pumpkins because, well, they grew!

Follow in the footsteps of one of Australia's best-loved cooks and food writers as she reveals the secrets of delicious dishes created from the produce you've grown and gathered or bought at the local market. There are 250 recipes that will transform your fresh produce into deliciousness.

There are great ideas for using your vegetables, fruit and herbs in new and exciting ways, for example say you were given a Lemon Verbena cutting, and it grew. You now wonder "What do I do with Lemon Verbena?" Page 232 under L for Lemon Verbena, straight after Lemons and Oranges, it tells you to make Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta, or Lemon Potpourri, or Lemon Verbena Tea, Lemon Verbena infused milk (and use it to make cream caramel!) or Lemon Verbena Rub. Better take another cutting, you're going to need a bit of this Lemon Verbena!

This is the second volume companion to the Kitchen Garden Companion Growing paperback edition. This cookbook is a comprehensive guide for making the most of the produce you've grown yourself to create delicious meals for family and friends.
496 pages.
Dimensions: 26cm x 19.5cm