Kilner Wide Preserve Jars, 6 x 350ml

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A box of 6 luxury glass preserving jars with traditional Kilner® styling. A box of 6 because you always need more than 1! This is not a 'gift box', although who wouldn't want a gift of 6 preserving jars! This is the real thing, a preserving jar design perfected for the purpose of preserving your harvest, or saving you money by preserving when fruit and veg are in season and very affordable, so that you have nourishing, ready to eat food whenever you want it! These classic jars look fantastic in the pantry, there's nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you have a pantry full of beautiful healthy nutritious food, and you know it to be so, without any doubts or concerns about chemical coatings or any thing leaching into your food over time. Kilner glass is safe from all harmful chemicals.

The Kilner® 0.35 Litre Wide Mouth Preserve Jar is perfect for preserving fruits and vegetables, the wider opening allows for easy filling, easy removal and easy cleaning! The jar is embossed with the kilner logo as well as volume indicators on the side of the jar.

The Kilner® jars feature a very easy to use metal screw top lid made up of 2 pieces, a replaceable vacuum seal and a metal screw band to secure the seal.

The screw band can be re-used up to 10 times but the vacuum seal is not re-usable and will need to be replaced after each use. Preserving is both an economic and environmentally friendly way to maximise your fruit and vegetable surplusses when you grow your own food!

6 x Wide Mouth Preserve Jars 0.35L
6 x 2 Piece Metal Lid
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Care & Use:
Dishwasher Safe
Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles
Wash before first use

Dimensions: Width: 90 mm, Height: 125 mm, Length: 90 mm.

Kilner have been manufacturing preserving jars since 1842! If your grandmother was english, chances are she used this very same jar to preserve fruit and veg during spring and summer, and stored it in the cellar to get through the cold winter!

The Kilner® business was first established by John Kilner in 1842 in Yorkshire, England and initially produced glass bottles and jars. Towards the end of the 19th Century, Kilner® designed and developed a patent for a vacuum seal jar which would revolutionise the way in which food could be made and stored. The simple but effective system is still used today.

kilner Jars are embossed with the Kilner logo, so you know it's high quality durable glass, totally non - toxic and BPA Free.
kilner glass is designed to be reusable and durable, your Kilner jar will have your pantry sorted for many years! Kilner glass is safe from all harmful chemicals.

Kilner is an englsh brand.