Kilner Sauce & Mill Set 1L


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With the Kilner® Glass Sauce Press Jar Set you can create homemade sauces and purees. Simply fill the hopper with desired ingredients and turn the handle to puree the ingredients directly into the Kilner® Jar below.

The secret is the practical stainless steel hopper that screws directly onto the Kilner® 1 Litre Preserve Jar. Also included is a stainless steel 1 piece lid.

Ideal for making delicious home-made tomato and apple sauces, purees and baby foods.

Contents of Sauce Mill:

Preserve Jar 1LT
2 Piece Lid (hopper)(also fits on other same-sized Kilner jars)
Alternate one piece lid
Gift Box
Care & Use pamphlet

Dishwasher Safe
Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles
Avoid use of abrasive sponges
Wash before first use

Box dimensions:
Width: 160 mm
Height: 315 mm
Length: 160 mm