Kilner Measure n Store 3Litre

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The pantry is the obvious place for measuring cups, after allthat's where the supply of dry goods lives! So having a measuring cup right there with your most frequently used storage containers makes a lot of sense! And saves time and frustration.

The Kilner® Measure & Store Set of 3 Silicone Measuring Cups give you a practical solution to the portion requirements of your recipe, or the portion control of your diet!

These measuring cups fit perfectly into a Kilner® Clip Top Jar lid and neck, that's what they're designed for! They are space saving and easy to use. Suggested uses: Measure quick oats or other breakfast grains, Easily measure a cup of flour, or a portion of nuts, dried beans etc. Making recipes from scratch is easy if you set your kitchen up with good workflows, and everything is at hand where and when you need it.

Colour coded in 3 bright colours, the silicone cups collapse into the void space within the jar keeping them handy for when measuring is required.
The volume measurements are embossed on each cup.

1 x Orange 250ml (1 Cup) Kilner® Silicone Measuring Cup
1 x Blue 125ml (1/2 Cup) Kilner® Silicone Measuring Cup
1 x Yellow 60ml (1/4 Cup) Kilner® Silicone Measuring Cup
1 x Gift Box

Care & Use:
Wash before first use