Killer Clothes


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Killer Clothes by Anna Maria Clement, PhD, NMD, LN and Brian R Clement, PhD, NMD, LN.
How seemingly innocent clothing choices endanger your health... and how to protect yourself!

This is a surprising book, and makes you look at your clothes in a very different way. The book will guide you into selecting the right fabrics, seeking a better fit and confirms why you should prefer natural fibres. A good read for those who are reviewing their wardrobe and for those about to invest in a new one.

The review of undergarments alone is worth buying the book. Tight fitting underwear, especially synthetic bras and mens briefs, are exposed as increasing the potential for breast cancer in the former and for infertility in the latter. The book is full of gems that may lengthen your life and improve your health.

A word of warning is also included regarding innovative technical additions to clothing that have not yet been fully tested for health impacts (such as anti odour, stain and wrinkle etc.).

The authors include a comprehensive list of references for further reading or confirmation.