Homegrown Sprouts


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Homegrown Sprouts by Rita Glachus. Fresh food growing in your kitchen! Sprouts are the ultimate in local food - harvested no further away than your kitchen counter. They are fresh, delicious and versatile. Homegrown Sprouts is your complete guide to growing sprouts. You'll be growing a wide variety of sprouts including wheatgrass, leafy greens, mung beans and alfalfa right at the kitchen bench. Enjoy the crisp freshness on their own or discover a variety of serving suggestions from salads to soups to juices. There's a section on choosing the right sprouter, and learning the techniques to use it. There's even a chapter on sprouting for pets. Whatever the season, Homegrown Sprouts will take you on a germinating journey that you'll thoroughly enjoy. When you learn how easy it is to grow nutrition-packed sprouts in your own home, you'll want to use them in every day!

160 pages of fresh goodness advice.
Dimensions: 25.40 and 20.30 cm