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Gardeners Loofah Tap Soap


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Gardeners Loofah Tap Soap

This Loofah Tap Soap for gardeners is in a refillable loofah pouch. The Gardeners Tap Soap is very practical because it can hang on the tap, which keep it handy in the laundry or in the garden. It is practical because the loofah really scrubs away the garden dirt and grime, it is practical because the tea tree and eucalyptus soap is soothing and antiseptic, and it is practical because the loofah pouch is refillable.

This gardeners soap is a great gift idea for the garden lover, and goes well with the Gardener's Hand Scrub, a Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary scrub designed to lift and remove ingrained dirt from garden soiled hands.

Made in Australia