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Food Wraps Set of 3


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Wrap It Green 100% Organic cotton Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps Set of 3 Random Colours.
Waxed wraps are the safe, natural, reusable alternative to cling film! This set of 3 wraps comes in a handy storage envelope to protect your wraps when they are not being used.

Wrap it Green are made of a unique combination of:

* Organic Cotton

* Certified Organic Beeswax (straight from the farm)

* Natural Tree resin (straight from the source)

* Pure Jojoba oil

* Handmade in Australia with love and care, just for you!

Uses: Cover your leftovers, fruits & vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, muffins & cakes. Uses are endless.

This set of 3 Wraps are sized:
Small 20x20cm
Medium 25x25cm
Large 30x30cm

Wash them like dishes not fabric. Hand wash in COLD water with Earth friendly dishwashing liquid. You can gently scrub the wraps with a sponge or dishcloth. Do not wring or soak your wraps. Drip dry your wrap on your dish rack or you can towel dry to reuse them straight away.

The natural coating on your Wrap it Green will dissolve in Alcohol so check your dish washing liquid before washing your wraps.

With day to day use stains and creases may appear, these definitely don’t affect your wraps ability to do their job. You can help keep them looking their best by rinsing them in cold water soon after use. Avoid prolonged contact with oily or greasy foods to prevent staining.

Because they are made from beeswax they need to be kept away from all sources of heat, including hot water, steam, hot food and open flame. Wait until the food is cool and then cover with your Wrap it Green and refrigerate. Please do not put them in the dishwasher, microwave oven, or anywhere else where they can get hot!

Your wraps will be slightly sticky and bendy at room temperature and then will stiffen at cooler temperatures while still holding the shape you created. Use the warmth of your hands to press and mould your wrap firmly around the item to be stored. Place the item in the refrigerator or take them with you on the go for your sandwiches and rolls.

Your wraps number# 1 job is to do all the things that plastic wrap used to do in your kitchen! This helps to save the environment and remove toxic plastic from your yummy food! Your wraps will be your new best friend in your kitchen!