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Env Dishwasher powder 5kg


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No more caustic steam, smells and residue on your crockery. Dishes still come out squeeky clean, and you only need one teaspoon per load (or 1/2 teaspoon if you have a watersaving dishwasher).

Before using this product for the very fist time put ½ to 1 cup of vinegar into an empty dishwasher and put through the hot cycle.

Scoop = 5ml. Rinsed dishes use ¼ to 1 scoop. Soiled dishes use up to 1 scoop. Use enviroClean Rinse Aid in final rinse for sparkling results.

5kg will do 1000 washes. If you use it once a day, it will last close to three years!

Super concentrated, safe, effective cleaning in your dishwashing machine. Safer to use as there is no chemical residue, no chlorine and no smell/fumes when opening the door.

No petrochemicals
No phosphates
No caustics
No chlorine
No animal testing
Readily Biodegradable
Septic & Sewerage safe

Ingredients: Alkaline salts, non ionic surfactant, bio enzymes, proprietary natural citrus fragrance.