EcoPest Oil Organic RTU 750ml


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Organic Pest Oil, Ready To Use. NASAA accredited.

- EcoPest® Oil can be used on a wide variety of plants to control many different pests all year round.
- It can be used against a range of pests such as scale, mites, sucking pests and fungal diseases in citrus and other fruit, as well as a broad range of ornamentals and vegetables.
- EcoPest® uses a food-grade iso-paraffinic oil with a purity of greater than 98%(the industry standard is 92%). Impurities have the effect of reducing efficacy and increasing the chance of plant damage. EcoPest® Oil’s purity is unmatched and is the highest practically achievable with current technology anywhere in the world. It has been successfully tested and used in the challenging tropics of Queensland, Vietnam, China and Brazil.
- EcoPest® Oil is suitable for organic growing. It has NASAA accreditation.
It is environment-friendly. It does not persist in the environment.

Great for the control of aphids and scale.

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