DUBRON Natural Paint #412 1L


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Livos Paints are a non toxic, low voc and environmentally friendly natural paint range.
Livos Dubron is a natural wall and ceiling paint, free of toxic solvents and additives. It is washable and economical, and

has a low tendency to drip or splash. Very good water vapour permeability. Requires priming on some surfaces. A short nap

lambswool roller with rounded edges and a natural bristle brush are reccommended. The paint can be tinted to a large range of

colours with URA Coloring Paste.

It is suitable for many interior surfaces. Grava Primer should be applied on surfaces suchas such as uncoated plaster,

uncoated masonry, uncoated gypsum board, uncoated clay plaster and repaired surfaces. Suitable for absorbent, sound, interior surfaces treated with dispersion paint. Not suitable for textile or vinyl wall coverings, nor as a floor paint.

The paint is made from water, chalk, titan dioxide, talcum, bees wax-soap, soya oil natural resin ester, methyl cellulose,

borax, boric acid, silver chloride and citron oil.

Dubron is a white paint when not tinted, and is highly suitable as a natural low VOC ceiling paint.

The paint comes in 1, 5 and 10 litre containers

1 liter undiluted is sufficient for approximately 8 m² per coat, i.e. 125 ml/m². Could be considerably less, or more,

depending on the condition and absorbency of the surface. We reccomend to always do a test application first.

We suggest to clean all equipment immediately after use with warm, soapy water.

A technical data sheet is available here for more information.