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Drawer Sachet Eucalyptus design


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Keep the clothes moths away and freshen your clothes with the natural scent of aromatherapy oils, which will leave your clothes smelling clean and refreshed. (Price is for one, pic shows three)

Made from all natural herbs and aromatherapy oils, this is the most effective and natural way to deter insects and freshen your wardrobe and drawers.

This delightful little parcel is natures answer to nephthalene, it repels insects but doesn't have the objectionable smell of moth balls. This sachet is also usefull for freshening clothes, and clearing a musty smell out of the wardrobe.

Packaged in environmentally friendly recycled cotton fibre.

Freshen and protect your clothes with one simple solution, a scent provided by nature.

The scents are in a solid base which creates a long lasting product. If you take it out of the lovely packaging, it looks a little like a soap. When after a while the smell becomes less, just scrape the surface of the solid block to remove the 'spent' part, and reveal the fresh inner of the block. Insert it back into the wrapper and place it back in the drawer!