Dish Cloth Open Weave Yellow Thread


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A flat open weave dishcloth with yellow thread or stripe. These cloths are absorbent, strong and quick drying.

This is one unbleached, 100% cotton dish cloth which is very durable, very easy to maintain and dries quickly, which means it is not likely to get slimy and start breeding germs! This is a great cloth for repeated everyday use, wiping down kitchen benchtops, dining tables, high chairs etc; it's very practical and all natural! And being all cotton means they are washable, just add it to the normal wash load. We suggest you get at least 3, so that you can wash them regularly and keep them rotating through the washing.

Being all cotton also means they are totally biodegradable, so when they are no longer usefull in the kitchen, or as a polishing rag, you can just add them to your compost bin when they need throwing out.

Each cloth is approximately 43 x 55 cm.

This is a simple cotton dish cloth. Don't buy disposable, buy natural.

Shop naturally, use this all natural unbleached cotton kitchen cloth to clean up the kitchen counters and the dishes!

Made in England.

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