Companion Gardening in Australia


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Companion Gardening in Australia; working with Mother Nature by Judith Collins. All you need to know about companion gardening and planting - from garden design to selection of plants, and from mulching to plant behaviour. Good and bad neighbours: over 200 garden plants and their preferred companions. How many of us really know the value of the plants around us? When you see a dandelion in your lawn, do you see a weed spoiling perfection - or do you see a wild salad herb, bursting with vitamins and minerals? There are plants that flourish when neighbours - and others that suffer. Some exhaust the soil in which they grow - others make a contribution. In this tried and true, practical handbook, Judith Collins will inspire and inform all gardeners -beginners through to those who are more experienced. Learn how to grow bigger, healthier and more plentiful fruit and vegetables Repel pests without poisons Encourage friendly weeds and helpful insects Have a self-maintaining garden.