Coconut Oil: Healthiest Oil


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Coconut Oil: Healthiest Oil on Earth by Siegfried Gursche, MH. Gives concise explanations in layman’s terms on how extra virgin coconut oil can improve digestion and nutrient absorption, help fight infection, prevent degenerative diseases, increase immunity, decrease inflammation, help with weight loss, and more. Shows why unrefined virgin coconut oil is the perfect replacement for shortening in baked goods and is the safest choice for frying foods along with how to select the best quality of oil for cooking and baking.
Showcases the versatility of coconut oil and coconut flour in a collection of recipes with colour photos that will inspire readers to reap the benefits of this healthful oil.
About the Author: Siegfried Gursche, known as the father of the Canadian health food movement, obtained his vast amount of knowledge about healthy fats and oils through years of first-hand experience and decades of research.He has written and developed dozens of books and articles about natural health and nutrition. Two of his books are Good Fats and Oils and Fantastic Flax.

Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus, and the award-winning Enyclopedia of Natural Health are among those he has published.