Thurlby Herb

Coat Hanger Insect Repellan


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A padded hanger covered in a white sateen. Hang your clothes on this gorgeous covered hanger and keep the clothes moths away at the same time! The scent will freshen your clothes so they smell clean and refresh, with not an insect in sight!

Use this padded coathanger to protect your clothes, stop them slipping off the hanger and prevent hanger marks on the shoulders.
Made from all natural herbs and aromatherapy oils, this is the most effective and natural way to deter insects and freshen your clothes. The special mix of herbal oils in a solid base is formulated to provide a fresh, fragrant and long lasting aroma.

To use, hang your clothes on the hanger in your wardrobe.

The delightful little parcel attached to the hanger is natures answer to nephthalene, it repels insects but doesn't have the objectionable smell of moth balls.

Use it to safely store your coat during summer, without the risk of damage by clothes moths, and without the musty smell from long term storage.

This lovely hanger is also a great gift idea for a special gown or celebration outfit. It can be used for a graduation gown, a wedding gown or a christening outfit, or some lovely lingerie. Delicate items of atire deserve a special hanger to keep them at their best, and to keep the musty wardrobe smells away.