Thurlby Herb

Clothing Protector Spicewood


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Keep the clothes moths away and freshen your clothes with the natural scent of spicewood; clean and refresh and not at all floral.

Made from all natural herbs and aromatherapy oils, this is the most effective and natural way to deter insects and freshen your clothes. The special mix of herbal oils in a solid base is formulated to provide a fresh, fragrant and long lasting aroma.

The packaging is handmade using cotton fibre off cuts from the clothing industry. The prints are made by pressing fresh leaves into the wet paper.

To use, hang the unopened packet in your wardrobe. The convenient little loop of string can be hung over the hook of a clothes hanger, nothing special required!

This delightful little parcel is natures answer to nephthalene, it repels insects but doesn't have the objectionable smell of moth balls. This packet can also be used in drawers to clear out any musty smells.