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Citron 1L Concentrate.


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All purpose neutral detergent available in 1 Litre or 5 Litres Bulkbuy and save the environment by reducing and reusing packaging, and save your energy by not having to cart cleaning products home every shopping trip. Citron is a multipurpose liquid detergent for a wide variety of puposes (Kitchen, Laundry and Cars; use for dishwashing, surface cleaning and as prewash or washing liquid) Citron has excellent grease cutting power, is nuetral Ph and very mild on your skin. Wonderful for people prone to skin problems. Dilute 20ml to 500ml as a surface cleaner, or add 50ml to a 10L bucket for floor or car washing. For window washing add 25ml to a bucket of water. As an Oven Cleaner, dilute 50/50 with water. Australian Made, Australian Owned.

We recommend the specially marked dispenser bottle (sold separately) with your first purchase, so that your diluted mix is properly labelled. Callibrations on the side of the dispenser bottle make measuring easy when making the dilution, and there are instructions for use to refer to if needed, without having to refer back to the concentrate bottle.

Main Use Areas: Pot scrubbing in Restaurants. Dishwashing by hand in all commercial and domestic areas. Floor washing and scrubbing as a general purpose detergent. High density medium foam height. Makes an excellent carwash, truck wash as well as a neutral high foam, all purpose cleaner. Perfect for window cleaning with sleeve and squeegees.

Dishwashing - 1 squirt is enough to give you a grease cutting action you have never seen in a commercial product. 1 part CITRON to 200 parts water is enough to do the biggest wash.

Floorwashing - 1 part CITRON to 50 parts water (200ml per 10ltr bucket), wet mop the floor, allow a few minutes to penetrate, then dry mop off.
Benches and work Areas - 1 part CITRON to 25 parts water (400 ml per 10 litres). Use in a sprayer and wipe down with a cloth or sponge. Rinse all food contact areas with potable water.
Automotive - CITRON leaves paintwork and chrome shiny bright and cannot corrode or mark aluminium or painted signs. Dilute CITRON 1 part to 100 parts water (100 ml per 10 litres).
Clothing, Delicates and Wool - Use in the washer or wash by hand. The free rinsing qualities and alkali free wash water leaves the fibres soft and fluffy. Use at 1 part CITRON to 100 parts water - 50 mls per load for top loader. This may need to be increased for a very large machine. Window Cleaning - Dilute 2 caps full (100ml) in 10 ltr bucket. Apply to glass and rinse or squeegee off.

Biodegradability: Contains no Petroleum Benzene Sulphonate (LAS). The LAS residue has now shown in tests to be harmful to marine life. In fact CITRON contains no paraffin or other petroleum based products. The surfactants all conform to AUSTRALIAN and O.E.C.D. screen test 301E (1981) standards.

Note: This product contains no artificial colouring or perfumes. It contains NO preservatives that would otherwise slow down its biodegradability.