Bread Baker Loaf 32x16cm


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Rommertopf Baker Loaf 32x16cm, 9cm high.

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Must have!, 6th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Sarah Martin

This terracotta baking dish is superb! In a quest to make my own banana bread I tried all sorts of different baking tins and glass dishes in my oven, and the result was always the same - uncooked in the middle and burnt on top. I had a feeling terracotta might work, and I was right - my banana bread is fantastic every time. You will need to line the dish with baking paper (I use compostible parchment baking paper) and cook your loaf for the full time recommended in your recipe, and it will be superb every time. I also make a delicious carrot cake in this dish, as well as wholemeal and white bread. Highly recommended.

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