Bokashi Double Kit Tan


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Includes TWO Tan Bokashi buckets, 1kg (which is about 4 litres) Bokashi mix, and laminated instructions.

Dimensions: 41cm high, 29cm square at the lid. Made from recycled plastic.

A Practical Solution to Composting Food Waste
The Bokashi system reduces the need for an outside compost pile. The bucket stores neatly under kitchen sink, or can be freestanding in the kithen. If you dont have room in the kitchen, you could keep it in the pantry, the laundry, or outside with the rubbish bins.

Large Capacity
The Bokashi Bucket can hold approximately 19 litres of food waste, perfect for any size house hold. It takes a surprisingly long time to fill the bucket, because you tamp it down each time you add food to it.

Air Tight Lid
The tight fitting lid ensures an ideal environment for anaerobic fermentation to take place.

Plastic Strainer & Tap
The plastic strainer or grate sits inside the bucket forming a false bottom. You then pile food waste on top of it, and the grate separates the food waste from the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of the bucket. This liquid can be easily drained through the tap and used diluted as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the garden.

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