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Available in 1 or 4 Litres. Bio Wood Varnish is a hard, elastic, semi-transparent varnish for use on timber surfaces including timber which is exposed to sun and rain.

Bio Wood Varnish is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Bio Wood Varnish is resistant to dirt and moisture.

Bio Wood Varnish is suitable for exterior surfaces when applied as three coats, or a minimum film thickness of 60 micron (100 micron is better still). This is to make sure that there is sufficient coating to protect against wood destroying UV light and to provide protection from the weather.

Bio Wood Varnish needs to be re-applied when the finish becomes dull; the time depends on the exposure, and can be anything from annually to every 2 or three years or more.

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BIO WOOD VARNISH, 29th Aug 2017

Reviewer: Michael Pole

I chose Bio wood varnish (and primer) because I have a house that is rented out AirBNB. There was a short gap between guests to get a floor-varnish job done - with guests coming about three days after the final coat. The long time that normal varnish gives off fumes was out of the question. However, my mother lives in a specially built house (because of multiple-chemical sensitivity) that uses Bio varnish, so the recommendation came from her. I can't say more than it seems to have worked! It was pretty well totally dry after 12 hours and with no unpleasant or strong odor left. I was happy with it....

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