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Bio Wall Primer 10 Litres


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A penetrating interior primer based on natural ingredients, for use with Bio Wall Paint. May be used on all surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, fibro-cement, plaster and other absorbent crumbly surfaces.

INGREDIENTS: Water, lemon oil, borax, calcium carbonate, caolin, titanium dioxide, cellulose, surfactant, resins PREPARATION: Prepare surface in accordance to AS 2311 The painting of buildings. Substrate should be dry and cleaned of greasy and dirty contaminants, and should be solid and resistant to pressure. Loose particles from crumbly surfaces must be brushed off. Old coats must be removed. APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly with a broad flat stirrer before use. Apply evenly using a brush, roller or spray. Drying time is 2-6 hours, longer in cold and damp condition. CLEANING: Immediately after use with BIO Thinner. COVERAGE: 1 Litre covers approx. 5-10 sqm depending on the absorbency of the substrate. PACKAGING: 4 and 10 Litres.

Bio Wall Primer is water based, making cleanup easy.