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Bio Wall Paint HD (Heavy Duty) is a matt interior paint based on natural, non toxic ingredients. The paint has a pleasant smell and is available in a range of harmonious natural colours. For use on interior surfaces such as plasterboard, solid plaster, concrete and mud brick. It is not recommended, but can be used on timber or on timber products such as medium density fibreboard, masonite or particleboard. BioPaint breathes, allowing moisture to move through your walls, giving a more pleasant and healthy room ambience (conventional wall paints seal off the walls, which promotes mould growth).

Bio White is perfect as a ceiling paint, even without any added pigment. Bio white has excellent coverage.

Use Bio White to mix pale to mid range colours, the white base will give a paler or pastel tone.

Bio Wall Paint HD has been tested by the Department of Defence according to the Australian Standard AS 1580 for scrub-resistant and dry hiding power. It is therefore well suited for homes, schools, restaurants, offices and public buildings with heavy traffic areas. It is also suitable for use in wet areas (Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundries).

Bio Wall Paint HD has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and does not contribute to smog and pollution. It contains no lead, glycol derivates, aromatic hydrocarbons or styrene compounds. In fact it is based on natural clay, which helps clean the air.

Bio Wall Paint is water based, making cleanup easy.

Customer Reviews

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One of the best decisions we ever made was using this paint., 5th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Peter Zaracostas

We first started using BIO paint 10 years ago. We moved out of our unit after 7 years due to a growing family and repainted using the same paint. Our tenants moved out recently after three years and the paint still looks fantastic. All that was needed was a few touch ups around the window. A 1 litre container of Bio Paint was all we needed. Without doubt, one of the best decisions we ever made was using this paint.

So nice to use the natural paint,, 13th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Cathie Alexander

So nice to use the natural paint, even low VOC paints make me feel sick, this paint doesn't make me feel ill. Long lasting, easy to clean, doesn't flake. Nice smell, doesn't make you feel bad.

There's no nasties, 14th Jan 2016

Reviewer: Kath R

It's very good. I've used it for many years, it smells good too. There's no nasties coming off.

I'm converted!, 16th Jul 2014

Reviewer: David Marks

I've gotto say, I'm converted! The enamel covers really well, and the wall paint is really nice and smooth, and it smells good! I'm going to try to use this more!
David Marks, PaintMaze Painting and Signs 0421 064 404

Really very happy., 18th May 2013

Reviewer: John K.

Paint is still good after 7 years, the White Magic sponges make it really easy to keep clean. The oiled doors are great too, none of the wood has opened up or split, I've been really very happy.

Spot on colour matching!, 18th May 2013

Reviewer: Marcin Antosz, Natural Colour

Really spot on with colour matching! Colours are really good, good match between enamel colour on cupboards and the wall colour.

Fantastic!!!, 19th Jul 2012

Reviewer: James W.

We painted 4 years ago and it looks great. It's fantastic, so amazing I actually want to paint! I'm buying Bio Paint again now. It makes such a difference to have no VOCs.

Very Happy, 28th Nov 2011

Reviewer: Kathy, NSW

We painted our entire interior with your Bio paints and have been very happy with the result - thank you!

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