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Bio Pigment 1L - Yellow


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Bio Wall Paint Pigments are natural mineral pigments used to colour Bio Wall Paint or any other waterbased paint. Available in 100ml, 250ml, or 1L. Click to select your size.

Bio Pigments are available in a range of 10 colours. You can use a mix of Bio Pigments to obtain the required colour.

If you plan to mix your own colours (it's easy), remember that the pigment is not a paint in itself, dont use more than a maximum of 1 part of tint to 1 part white. Generally you will use much less pigment. All tints are intermixable. Bio Wall Paints are supplied in White, or in Deep Base. Use Deep Base if you want to create a bolder colour, use white base for softer, paler and pastel colours.

If you would like to have your paint mixed for you, just select your colour, or contact us if you have a particular colour you want to match. We can mix your paint to the colour you chose (some colours may incur a small colour matching fee).

At Eco at Home we can match (or come very close to) most colours from other manufacturers colour charts. Just let us know what your colour choice is, we will create it in Bio Paint (chances are that we've matched it already). Insist on using BioPaint, the paint you know is safe and natural, and VOC free.