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Bio Natural Wood Oil Interior 1L


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This is a penetrating and finishing oil designed to deepen and enhance the natural grain of timber. It will give a matt or satin finish and can be used on any interior wooden surface which is not subjected to heavy wear.

Bio Oil can be used to maintain a beautiful, quality finish on your tables and chairs, coffee tables and bedside tables etc.

Bio Natural Wood Oil can be used as a complete finish, or in conjunction with other Bio products.

This oil should not be used on alkaline surfaces, plaster, concrete or fibro-cement. If considering use on other materials (such as brick, ceramic or cork), test-strips should be made to assess suitability.

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bio natural wood oil, 23rd Feb 2019

Reviewer: Dennis Richards

I have been using Bio Natural Wood oil on furniture and wood work for more than 20 years it has a pleasant smell is non toxic allows the timber to breath use a little citrus thinners with it and easy to clean up or refinish a little goes a long way just brush it on new timber and wipe and rub it in after a while .
as the Woodwork Doctor says in his book natural oil is the BEST finish you can use on timber furniture
As long as i can still get it i will never use anything else
Dennis Richards

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