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Bio Furniture Oil 1 Litre


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Bio Furniture Oil is a low sheen interior finishing oil which protects wood and brings out its natural beauty.

It is formulated for interior use, and can be used to revitalize previously oiled furniture, doors, balusters etc. When timber looks dry just apply a small amount of the oil with a clean lint free cloth using a circular motion to work it into the wood. Buff with a soft cloth.

Bio Furniture Oil can also be used to oil bare wood to protect it. Apply oil evenly and liberally using a brush or lambs wool applicator, until the wood has stopped absorbing it. Rub the oil firmly into the wood. Remove all excess oil after 10-30 minutes. If the oil is not completely removed between coats the finished surface will be sticky. Let dry for 24-72 hours. Ensure each coat of oil is thoroughly dry before re-applying.

All Bio products are formulated with a carefully developed list of ingredients combining renewable, natural and low-toxicity ingredients. These include plant oils, minerals, waxes, resins and pigments.