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Bio Floor Varnish 1L Gloss Interior


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Bio Floor Varnish Gloss is a transparent interior floor varnish which gives a glossy finish much like polyurethane. Bio Floor Varnish Gloss is a colourless, hard but flexible, dirt and water repellent natural floor coating.

Bio Floor Varnish is suitable for use on timber, stone and other floors. Bio Floor Varnish is also suitable for windows, doors, furniture, toys, banisters, shelving, ceilings, wood panelling etc.

For bench tops, kitchen areas, laundries, bathrooms and heavy traffic areas use BIO Floor Varnish GLOSS, not satin.

Bio Floor Varnish is sweat and saliva proof, which means that it is not adversely affected by them.

Bio Floor Varnish is Not recommended for timber surfaces in a constantly humid environment (e.g. saunas).

The Bio Varnish is oil-based, based on plant oils, not petrochemical oils.
It is not compatible with standard thinners, so if you need thinners get some Bio Thinner as well.

Customer Reviews

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Been using Bio for over 20 years, 13th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Ray, Horsley Park

Been using Bio for over 20 years , doors, floors, benchtop, laundry bench. It takes a while to dry, the finish is nice, not patchy. Also works as wood glue, or mix with sawdust to make a putty.

Bio Floor Varnish, 9th Sep 2016

Reviewer: T&t Gore

Fantastic Product-Had no expectations but thought I would try as I have been searching for a non-toxic varnish for dining table top for a long time! This product has exceeded my expectations and thus far I have only applied 1 coat! The effect in gloss is amazing bringing up the natural timber of the table and even after only 1 coat it is so far quite hardy and has not chipped or lifted.In my opinion is so much better than the standard chemical varnishes on the market-but the huge factor for our family is not breathing in nasty chemicals. Very impressive and can't wait to use this product on other furniture.

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