Bin Liner 10L (to fit a Maxair Bin) x 20 bags in a box


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To suit MaxAir bin (kitchen scraps/waste bin for composting)
20 bags per packet,
bag size: 420 x 540 mm, 10 Litres.

These bags are new, and have a tie top to make it easier to empty your scrap bin.

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Great but an issue!!, 8th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Nicole Wright

I think these bags are great, I love that they compost with my scraps but I have had many instances where the bags tear sometimes before I can open it completely.
Maybe the actual material needs to be strengthened if that is possible

Eco at Home Comment: The bags have a 2 year shelf life. As they get old they become brittle and start to biodegrade, and split when you separate them out. The solution is to only buy what you will use in the next 6 - 12 months. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

Okay....but...., 21st Jun 2017

Reviewer: Janice Oake

I really want to love these bin liners but it's going to take a little getting used to. They are quite fragile and I ripped at least 2 before I got the hang of how gentle you need to be with them. They don't have handles which was problematic for me as my bin needs a liner with handles so in the end I used 2 liners and just took out the compostable one to empty the bin. I'm going to persist a bit longer as it feels like the right thing to do but they are a little difficult to manage.

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