Beard Brush Pearwood Handle


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Here at Eco at Home we are fans of beards! (even greying beards, or especially greying beards!) Keep your beard looking sharp by treating it well. Brushing your whiskers helps to stimulate skin and promote hair growth.

This handmade, oiled pearwood beard brush from Germany is lined with stiff black bristles to tame even the most wayward of whiskers!

The Pearwood handle is tactile and comfortable, just like a beard! The handle gives better control and makes the brush easier to use. Handsome!

This Pearwood Beard Brush is 14cm long and 2.5cm wide, and has 3 rows of bristles, and suits a trimmed or shorter beard.

If yours is a long flowing beard, you may may also want the beard comb to wrangle those whiskers on the curly mornings! Hipster beards need grooming too!