Bass Green - Bamboo Hair Brush Professional Style 1


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Bass Green brushes are not just bamboo handles, the pins are also bamboo. Making the pins from bamboo is genius, because bamboo doesn't charge with static electricity, so your hair is less likely to split. (not so much a problem with short hair, massive problem with long hair.) The bamboo pins are great for a gentle scalp massage whilst brushing, which helps to stimulate the skin and naturally move the oils from your skin down your hair to 'condition' it. But dont worry that the pins are scratchy, they're not. The tips are rounded, the feel is gentle but firm. For long hair this is a great detangling brush.

Bamboo is also antibacterial, a useful attribute for any grooming tool!

If you use a blow dryer, you can rest assured that the pins wil stand up to the heat from todays advanced blow dryers. This means the brush is a great option for professional use too!

Bass Green brushes are animal friendly, suitable for Vegans and all others who are concerned for animal welfare.

A Bass Green brush should last you for years, and when it does eventually need to be replaced, the handle and bristles can be separated from the rest, and put in the compost or buried in the garden.