Bamboo Toast Tongs with Magnet

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We love all things bamboo because bamboo is tough and sustainable. These toast tongs are not only bamboo, they have a little magnet so they stay stuck to the toaster. And they are not conductive, so you wont electricute yourself poking them into the toaster!

It solves that frustrating moment when you realise your bread has disappeared into the depths of the toaster, and it's a cheap insurance against early morning lunacy of poking a knife into the toaster! Have you ever had that heart-stopping moment when you see one of your kids do that?! Get one of these toast tongs, they'll be the closest thing to hand when they're needed. You can thank us later.

Dimensions: 20.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide
Avanti Bamboo Toast Tongs with Magnet