Bamboo and Glass Diffuser


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Aromatherapy never looked so good! This elegant eco designed diffuser combines bamboo and frosted glass. A stunning gift for the health conscious or environmentally conscious person!

The wonderful features of this trendy diffuser include:
The light transitions through a beautiful rainbow of colours, it's mesmerising!
It solves 5 issues: it is an Aroma Diffuser, an Air Purifier, an Ioniser, a Humidifier & a Night Lamp!
It is safe because there is no heat
7 hours maximum operational time, with in-built safety switch
Stops automatically once water evaporates

The Air Purifier and Ioniser part improves air quality by removing harmful substances that contribute to allergies, odours and stale air.

Humidifier - The ultrasonic waves create air moisture to counter the drying effects of air-conditioning and heating. Beautifies and moisturises the skin without any condensation.

Mini Night Lamp - Elegant and unique design. The subtle light promotes a calm, relaxing environment and can be switched off if a night lamp is not required.

This Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser combines design and materials from oriental and western influences. By breaking up the mixture of water and essential oil into millions of micro-particles, a stream of cool misty air entirely diffuses activated ingredients of essential oils, which are then easily absorbed by the body. You experience your essential oils in their purest form and benefit from their therapeutic qualities.

Dimensions are 17cm wide, 14cm high