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Apeel Odour Nuetraliser 500ml


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Made from orange by-products, fruit and flower by-products and a special type of honey known for its mild germicidal action. One 500-ml bottle of Apeel will do the job of 5 litres of regular deodorant and you dont need to dilute it, yet it rinses through fabric, and fibres in carpet and upholstery. Just one squirt will neutralise stale smoke, alcohol, musty perspiration and bathroom odours immediately. To extend the residuality to 24 hours, apply to bathroom wall or paper towel placed in waste receptacle.
Biodegradability: APEEL meets all Australian and European Economic Community Biodegradability Standards.
Explanation of how APEEL Works: APEEL is the culmination of two years development effort and uses the Dutch Zwardenmaaker Pairs Principle of pairing two aromas together so they cancel out of a range of bad or unwanted odours to make a non-odour. There are three sets of pairs in APEEL that allow it to work in eliminating the widest range of odours. It is simple, is made from renewable resources and it works brilliantly.The University of Waikato has also played a part in the formulation. Their work in isolation of specific types of honey that liberate natural peroxide bactericide and a substance not yet identified has given new meaning to the word natural. It kills germs, yet it is not regulated as being a toxic germicide.