Allergy Free Family Cookbook


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Allergy-Free Family Cookbook by Fiona Heggie & Ellie Lux. The Allergy-Free Family Cookbook is about positives. Just because someone is allergic to one or several types of food doesn't mean that they can't have delicious meals, a balanced diet, and occasional treats. There is all of this and more in this collection of over 100 recipes that are delicious, healthy, quick, and easy to cook - and they can be enjoyed by everyone. They just happen to be free of dairy, egg, gluten, soya, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, and shellfish-the eight most common food allergens.

It can be daunting when a child has been diagnosed with a food allergy. It's normal to immediately start thinking about the negatives: the food they can't eat, the favorite meals they won't get to enjoy, the nutrients that will be missing from their diets, and the hassle involved in eating out, checking labels, and adapting recipes. You are definitely not alone, and this book is here to prove it. You'll find everything from breakfast ideas to party foods. There's no need to feel like allergies cause you to miss out!

Includes metric measures.