Allergy-Free Baby and Toddler Book


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By Charlotte Muquit and Dr Adam Fox. The parent's guide to managing food allergies. One of the authors is the parent of a child with severe food allergies, the other is the UK's top allergy specialist. Together, these experienced people guide you throught he steps you need to take to manage your child's allergies, and teach you all you need to know about allergies. Learnh how to identify what causes an allergy, how you can respond and treat an allergic reaction, how best to communicate with your GP and and your child's other carers, how you can still socialise without worrying about your child, and how to wean your child onto a diet and avoid allergic reactions.

This book has great reviews as 'an excellent reference for parents' from The Anaphylaxis Campaign. Also included is a section to guide you through creating your own allergy free recipes, and a small selection of recipes to get you started.