AfterTouch Wipes Refill pack of 50


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Refill your Handy AFTER TOUCH Instant Wipes tube from your 50-piece Value pack.
AFTER TOUCH Instant Wipes are easily transportable and compact so you can take them in your backpack, baby's nappy bag, take them camping, great for removing makeup or even to just freshen up and cool down on a hot day!

AfterTouch instant Wipes are made from 100% biodegradable compressed cotton, very compact and convenient. Being 100% bio-degradable, they can be thrown into your compost bin with your vegie scraps and they will break down like organic matter.....back into the earth....35 days...leaving NO harmful residues or chemicals. So you can dispose of them or re-use them until they are worn out, and then dispose of them!

All you need to do is JUST ADD WATER and watch it expand into a convenient wipe.

AFTER TOUCH Instant Wipes are supplied as compact compressed dry tablets, which expand when water or antibacterial solution is added. It’s convenient, quick and easy! AFTER TOUCH Instant Wipes 10-piece Handy Tube is a very convenient, refillable tube! Just refill from the economical pack of 50.

Ideal to keep in your school bag, car, handbag, home, office, picnic basket or wherever wipes are needed - it’s so convenient!

100% Biodegradable cotton
NO Alcohol, NO triclosan, NO paraben and NO benzalkonium chloride
Chemical and perfume free
Hygienic and environmentally friendly
Made from 100% renewable resource
Washable and re-usable
Convenient light weight travel size packs

- Facial wipe
- Baby wipe
- Beauticians
- Add antibacterial or antiseptic and use as a swab
- Makeup remover or applicator
- Nail polish remover
- Window wipe
- Toilet wipe
- Sunglass or reading glass wipe
- Many other uses

AFTER TOUCH Instant Wipes are available in convenient 10 pack tubes or 50 tablet re-sealable refill packs.