Abundance: How to Store and Preserve your Garden Produce


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Abundance: How to Store and Preserve your Garden Produce.

Growing your own food is the epitome of freshness, and a real joy. Crunchy lettuce like you've never tasted store bought, sun-warmed tomatoes fresh off the vine, juicy berries with their immediate burst of flavours. But the real feeling of satisfaction is in a winter of those summer flavours, preserved!

Abundance will become your produce 'bible' to guide you through growing, and then bottling, drying, fermenting, freezing, jamming and pickling your garden bounty so you can store and preserve its incredible flavours to enjoy all the year long.

There are recipes for Raspberry Jam and Ploughman’s Chutney, Summer Cordials and Pestos, plus also Fruit Leathers and Kale Crisps; Herb Vinegar, Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Tabasco; you'll love the Marrow and Ginger Jam and Damson Cheese. The sight of a pantry stocked with your own produce is a source of great pride and satisfaction. Dining on meals prepared with your own produce is the best there is!

If you are aiming to achieve a little more self-sufficiency (and save some money at the same time), or just want to enjoy the artistry of it all, then this book is the answer.