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Clay is the most ancient of all worked materials.

In the original myths of many cultures, the human race itself is fashioned from clay, the inert material Breathed into life.

Earth is a simple, durable, and an adaptable material, plastic yet strong, rot and termite proof, cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Bacteria and other micro organism will not survive in clay.


Clay Decor wall in a family room 

VOLVOX Clay Décor is a solvent (V.O.C.) free, non-drip, long-lasting wall and ceiling décor for interior and frost free exterior regions. 


VOLVOX Clay Decor is permeable to vapour and absorbs variations in humidity, odour from cooking or smoking etc. providing for a more comfortable and healthy living environment.  Asthma sufferers and people with skin problems can feel more comfortable in rooms decorated with VOLVOX Clay Decor.


VOLVOX Clay Decor will not charge electro static energy.

 Volvox Clay Decor on furniture

Use VOLVOX Clay Décor as an undercoat or medium for wall glazes, colour washes and marbling effects. Also use VOLVOX Clay Décor as texture render and medium for traditional condensing technique. 


VOLVOX Clay Decor can be applied to most surfaces including; Gyprock, timber, masonry, brick and fibre cement, without priming.

Clay Decor on walls in stairwell 


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The Benefits

  • Developed from environmental principles
  • No toxic petrol-chemicals
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Healthier to use and live with
  • Very low odour
  • High quality performance
  • Limitless creative possibilities
  • Unleash your creativity with Volvox, and add special effects to your walls

 Volvox Clay Decor has been awarded the EU Eco Label




 Volvox Clay Decor has been awarded the EU Eco Label


Notes on the use of Volvox Clay Decor:


Remove dirt, grease, oil and loose, peeling and flaking material. Fill cracks and holes with a

filler. Sand the surface smooth after and remove all dust. Sandy and powdery surfaces should be

painted with suitable primer such as VOLVOX Silicate Primer. Stains, water marks, nicotine etc.

must be treated with a suitable primer such as natural oil based VOLVOX Sealer Primer. Light

sanding is recommended when painting over glossy or semi-gloss surfaces.


Metallic surfaces should be completely primed before applying Volvox. Mould and fungus should

also be permanently removed.


Apply one to two coats of VOLVOX Clay Decor by roller, brush, steel trowel or spray and spread

evenly in all directions. On very absorbent surfaces such as Gyprock, plaster, sandstone etc.

application may be eased by dampening the surface with water or reducing the first coat with up

to 5% water. Allow each coat to dry completely before repainting. Do not reduce final coats. Do

not apply in temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C.


VOLVOX Clay Decor can be applied in the traditional condensing technique using a trowel or

spatula. The paint is applied and burnished with the edge of the tool. The friction and pressure

draws the water to the surface and creates a level of polish commensurate with the effort. The

wall can then be enhanced by a wax finish.


VOLVOX Clay Decor will normally dry within 2 hours and may be recoated after. In cold or humid

conditions drying time may be lengthened.

1 litre covers 8 - 10 square metres

With water, away from drains.

Store tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Minimum shelf life for unopened and properly stored

cans is 24 months. Protect against frost.

Paints should be kept out of reach of children.  Although they are non-toxic, swallowing clay

(especially with hardeners) is a health hazard.

Allow unwanted paint to dry. As this paint is natural, solid matter may be disposed of via the

normal garbage collection service.


The Volvox colour range consists of 127 designer colours, as well as the naturals range.


Volvox Clay Decor is compatible with natural mineral pigments. (In fact with any paint colouring system)
Note: To maintain washability as well as a smooth and even surface, not more than 5 – 8% of

pigments should be added. If more pigmentation is desired, seal paint using a suitable sealer

such as VOLVOX Wall Finish after paint is completely dry.


Water, clay, chalk, kaolin, vinegar ester, methylcellulose, titanium dioxide (in White Paint

only), 0,1% synthetic preservatives 
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